After building GDPR and CCPA compliance at PlayStation, we thoroughly understand the privacy concerns around analytics data. We’re here to help.

We’ll explain how AnalystsNow retains privacy for you and the users of your website.

For You

When you do concierge onboarding with AnalystsNow, you get a walk through to add an Analyst to your analytics tools as a collaborator. That’s it.

We won’t ever share or sell your data, no matter which plan you choose.

Signed NDAs are available with Enterprise-level plans.

For Your Business

Your data, and the insights drawn from it, belong to you exclusively.

Information about your business is never shared with other clients, or shared publicly.

For Your Users

Your users’ privacy is never impacted.

When you join AnalystsNow you add an Analyst as a collaborator in your analytics tools, so there is zero impact to your users’ experience.

We will always ensure you’re compliant with tools’ Terms of Service, so that you’re not banned by Google or others for sending PII.

We never share or sell data. We only sell analysis and help you capture better data.