How it Works

Analytics Done For You

AnalystsNow provides world-class expert Analysts who give you accurate, easy-to-understand reports based on your data.

Meaningful, accurate reports every month

We provide you with 2-4 reports per month that gives you the key updates in response to what you want to know about your business.

We’ve mastered it so you don’t have to

Don’t worry about what a bounce rate is, or whether you’re viewing the right report. Our experts use billion-dollar e-commerce experience to give you accurate reports in plain English.

Your Business A-to-Z

Newsletter businesses are about much more than just email deliverability numbers. AnalystsNow gives you complete visibility into your business, including:

  • Free trial conversion rates
  • Paid signup conversion rates
  • How effective are your partnerships and cross-promotions?
  • Attribution: How many signups can you attribute to that podcast or that sponsored newsletter?
  • Multi-touch attribution: If your users have multiple visits before converting, what drew them in initially, and what drove them to convert?
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS): what spend is profitable?
  • Community feature usage and retention

This list is a simple preview of common questions we answer. If the data exists, we’ll answer your question in a way that you can have confidence in. If the data doesn’t exist, we’ll help you with the technical legwork to capture it.

Super Easy to Use

Step 1: Sign up.
Step 2: Add your Analyst to your tools.
Step 3: Get insights.

Get a concierge walkthrough from your Analyst to add us to your analytics tools as a collaborator.

Every 1-2 weeks (depending on your plan), your Analyst reviews your data and brings you you a report with the information you want to know.

Experts You Can Count On

Billion-Dollar Experience

AnalystsNow is founded by an e-commerce analytic experts with years of full-time experience on billion-dollar sites.

Never Outsourced

We’re based in the United States and do 100% of our analysis work in-house. We don’t outsource analysis of your site, and we never will.

Your Data Remains Yours (And Your Users’ Data Remains Theirs)

Your data will always be owned by you, and under your control. When you join AnalystsNow, you add an Analyst as a collaborator in your analytics tools. See more about privacy.

Can I Cancel?

Any time. It’s right in your My Account area, with no runaround or customer support numbers to call.


We’re here to help (that is our job, after all). Just email us.