Growth Through Data.

Our analytics experts analyze your data for you and help you make the right decisions you need to grow.

High-volume e-commerce stores need to be data driven but don’t know how.

Tools are hard to use. Interfaces are complicated, full of options, and have tons of specific definitions to learn.

Everyone’s reaching around in the dark, because it’s specialized knowledge that shop managers don’t have the time to acquire.

It’s costing you unbelievable amounts of money.

You could have higher conversion rates.

Higher ROAS.

Higher AOV.

Higher return visit rates.

In short, your whole business ROI could improve overnight.

Here are your options.

Option 1: Do nothing. Maintain the status quo. Be stuck on metrics, or be stuck not trusting your metrics. Keep leaving money on the table.

Option 2: Try another tool from the Shopify App Store. It’ll be its own unique kind of black box for your data, with its own quirks and specific definitions. In short, it isn’t any easier when you get down to nuts and bolts, and you won’t feel any clearer about how your shop is doing.

Option 3: Try a “marketing consultant as a service.” They can give great advice on valuable things like copy, but they’re no better off about data tools than you are. They might know the basics, but they aren’t guaranteed to know the details. In fact, they could even get it wrong and lead you down the wrong path.

But things have changed.

An e-commerce analytics expert with billion dollar experience knows there’s an opportunity to make data better for e-commerce stores.

After building billion-dollar analytics programs at PlayStation and Rakuten, Blake Ellison uses his decade of experience to give you instant clarity into your store, what’s going well, and what needs to improve.

Here’s what to expect.

It’s called AnalystsNow, and an analytics expert instantly joins your team and starts sharing personalized wisdom based on your data.

It’s an insanely easy 3-step process:

  1. Simply add us to your analytics tool as a collaborator. We’ll generate customized reports based on your business priorities.
  2. Ask us anything. We give you answers you can trust, and you get back to running your business.
  3. Get answers fast. Get reports, graphs, dashboards and tables tailored to your questions. We’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and we’ll explain what everything means along the way.

This Customer Doubled Subscription Revenue in 2 Months

Software Ideas is a hot newsletter targeting founders looking for a well-researched product idea. In founder Kevin Conti’s first two months with AnalystsNow he doubled MRR by getting customized insight into what growth channels worked and which ones didn’t.

Blake has done a fantastic job with Software Ideas. He’s uncovered key insights that have radically changed our growth strategy, both by showing me what wasn’t working and what I could double down on to maximize revenue.

— Kevin Conti, founder, Software Ideas

It’s insanely easy.

No searching through the documentation. No asking forums. No Googling definitions of metrics.

Just add us to your tools and – poof – you have expertise at your fingertips. It’s instant, hence the name. 

Start for Free.

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