Growth Through Data.

Our analytics experts analyze your data for you and help you make the right decisions you need to grow.

Indie businesses need to be data driven but don’t know how.

Tools are hard to use. Interfaces are complicated, full of options, and have tons of specific definitions to learn.

Everyone’s reaching around in the dark. The #1 data question on every indie business community: “What tools should I use?”

It’s costing you unbelievable amounts of money.

It’s the difference between being stuck on a hobby and living the dream of going full-time.

We’re not talking percentages, we’re talking multiples. Software Ideas founder Kevin Conti doubled his MRR in two months with data. Keep reading for his testimonial.

Here are your options.

Option 1: Do nothing. Maintain the status quo. Be stuck on metrics, or be stuck not trusting your metrics. Keep leaving money on the table.

Option 2: Try a “lightweight” tool to feel better. But live without the power that a real analytics tool gives you, and be stuck when it comes time to deep dive into your marketing, or a feature’s performance, or investigating risks like fraud or security issues.

Option 3: Try a “marketing consultant as a service.” They can give great advice on valuable things like copy, but they’re no better off about data tools than you are. They might know the basics, but they aren’t guaranteed to know the details. In fact, they could even get it wrong and lead you down the wrong path.

But things have changed.

An expert in billion-dollar, high-scale analytics has fallen in love with the indie community and wants to help.

After building billion-dollar analytics programs at PlayStation and Rakuten, Blake Ellison is ready to help the indie community build the next great business.

Here’s what to expect.

It’s called AnalystsNow, and an analytics expert instantly joins your team and starts sharing personalized wisdom based on your data.

Simply add us to your analytics tool as a collaborator. We’ll generate customized reports based on your business priorities. We’ll tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Ask us anything. We give you answers you can trust, and you get back to running your business.

Every tool is supported. Happy with Google Analytics? So are we. Prefer a ‘product’ approach like Mixpanel or Amplitude? We see you. Want to get geeky in Segment? We’re there.

We meet on a regular cadence, just like you would with another business professional like an accountant, or a coach. Just pick the plan that works for you and we’re off and away.

This Indie Newsletter Doubled MRR

Software Ideas is the year’s hottest indie newsletter, with rocket ship growth. In founder Kevin Conti’s first two months with AnalystsNow he doubled MRR ($4k to $8k) by getting insight into what growth channels worked and which ones didn’t. What he found surprised him.

With help from AnalystsNow he’s now playing Moneyball to know which advertisements will have the highest ROI, accelerating his growth further. And he’ll keep his amazingly low churn where it is by using data to drive retention in his paid community.

Blake has done a fantastic job with Software Ideas. He’s uncovered key insights that have radically changed our growth strategy, both by showing me what wasn’t working and what I could double down on to maximize revenue.

Kevin Conti, founder, Software Ideas

In short, you won’t find this expertise and experience anywhere else.

It’s insanely easy.

No searching through the documentation. No asking forums or Googling definitions of metrics. Just add us to your tools and – poof – you have expertise at your fingertips. It’s instant, hence the name. 

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